Monday, February 17, 2014

Thingsquare's Contiki IoT workshop slides posted

The first set of slides from the Thingsquare Contiki IoT workshop series have been posted.

The slides show how to connect a Contiki system to the Internet and make it interact with web services, how to build an IoT cloud service with node.js and Javascript, some of the next steps for Contiki 3.x, and some of the trade-offs in choosing a communication technology for your next IoT system. Slides for the three remaining days will be posted during the week.

The slides from day 1 are below:


  1. Hi,
    Where can I find a tutorial on creating a new Contiki port?
    (I need a port to MSP430FR5969)

  2. How to build the hex file of the helloworld example using MSP430GCC?
    If I get the hex file, then I can use JTAG to burn the hex file into the MSP43F5XXX
    What is .sky file?

  3. Sheesh - I've arrived at this party a little late! I'd go anywhere to attend a hands-on Contiki Red Button class. This is important!

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