Sunday, August 5, 2012

Getting a Contiki Q&A site started - your help is needed

Wouldn't it be nice to having a real Q&A site like for Contiki? The mailing list is great and all, but having something community moderated has a lot of advantages.

We have set up an Area51 site on to get this started. Once it has enough followers, sample questions, and votes, then the site becomes live and experts can answer questions.

How can you help? Read all about how to help this get off the ground here:

In short, you need to join the site, follow it, ask 5 questions and vote up 5 questions. Pretty simple! The wiki is also tracking the posted questions so that if you think of more than 5 questions, you can write them down. And if you can't think of 5 questions, check the wiki. Later, after the "definition" stage, we will need answers. So in the meantime, you can post them to the wiki as well.

We hope this would work well as a great Q&A forum for Contiki. Let's make it happen!

New Contiki Wiki

We have set up a new Contiki community wiki here:

Unlike the previous wikis that Contiki has had, we now have an explicit Creative Commons license for all contributions. If you have added something to the old wiki, please move it to the new one to make sure it is covered by the new license.