Monday, January 20, 2014

Thingsquare IoT and Contiki courses - now online too

For spring 2014, the Thingsquare IoT development and Contiki programming course program has been expanded with both a new on-site workshop on advanced Contiki programming and a new set of online courses.

Check out the Thingsquare online courses here and the two-day workshop training courses here.

The courses are intended for developers and decision makers who want to hit the ground running when planning or developing their connected products. If you want to build the next Nest, these courses are for you!

The online courses are intended to broaden the amount of people who can attend the Thingsquare courses, to get more people up and running.

The two-day workshop courses are running as usual in Stockholm, Sweden. Register quickly to get the early-bird discount!


  1. Hi Adam Dunkels,
    I'am looking the documents relating to contiki operating system. In more details, I need the materials concerning the architechture, programming models, scheduling method, memory management and protection, and communication support for my thesis. Nevertheless, I don't know where I can find such these desired materials. I would appriciate if you could aid me in finding these materials.

  2. I second Phong Le, there is a lot of missing documentation. All the current documentation is about the Cooja Simulator, but it would be much more useful to have small code examples explained, presentation of the different libraries and how to implement a typical Contiki system.

  3. +1 I agree with the previous. If developers are to adopt contiki the documentation needs to be better! Also the mailing list is not that great, how about a forum or a wiki? I can host one for you if you want!

  4. I do agree on this. It is way to difficult to get started..I think Contiki should come forward with making some more easy to start examples like the arduino community to speed up adoption

  5. The link doesn't work. Can someone provide an alternative link or resources other than this to get a boost?


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