Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Contiki's Internet of Things: From Badgers to Light Bulbs

What does swans, badgers, data centers, city streets, and light bulbs have in common? Contiki!

One of the coolest things with Contiki is the wide range of systems it is used in. To show this off, we have created a page on the Contiki website to showcase Contiki-based products and systems!

The Internet of Things will be a revolution. It will be everywhere. These Contiki-based systems are some of the early signs of what to expect:
  • The Oxford badger tracking system – also used to track swans, hares, and eagles
  • The tado° smart thermostat
  • The Rad-DX radioactive radiation monitor
  • The Zolertia city street noise monitoring system
  • ... and many more on the Contiki website!


  1. hello, its 2.6 available for atari xe/xl computers?

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