Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Contiki 2.6 Released

The Contiki team is happy to announce the release of Contiki 2.6. This release brings several improvements to core Contiki networking components, such as the IPv6 RPL routing protocol and Erbuim, a new CoAP implementation, as well as a set of new platforms (cc2530, exp5438, wismote), and several new Cooja simulation platforms (exp5438, wismote, z1). The release also adds new Contiki applications, such as the Antelope low-power database manager and a new HTTP server for web services. Sleepy router support has also been extended to new platforms (STM32w).

Download the Contiki 2.6 from the Contiki web site:

Contiki is the open source operating system for the Internet of Things. Contiki allows tiny, battery-operated low-power systems communicate with the Internet. Contiki is used in a wide variety of systems such as city sound monitoring, street lights, networked electrical power meters, industrial monitoring, radiation monitoring, construction site monitoring, alarm systems, and remote house monitoring.

Contiki 2.6 changelog

  • Antelope. A lightweight SQL-like database manager for Contiki (apps/antelope and examples/antelope).
  • Erbium. A new CoAP implementation for Contiki (apps/erbium and examples/erbium).
  • JSON library. A lightweight JSON parsing and construction library (apps/json) and a web services HTTP server (apps/httpd-ws).
  • ContikiMAC. Improvements to allow busts of packets to be sent rapidly.
  • RPL. Added support for extension headers.
  • Native border router. The RPL border router can now optionally run as a native process under Linux and communicate with a low-power radio over a serial port.
  • Cooja. Many improvements to the user interface. Simulation support for the MSP430x architecture and the exp5438, wismote, and z1 platforms.
  • stm32w. Added support for ContikiMAC.
  • New ports: cc2530, exp5438, wismote.
  • Instant Contiki. Updated to Ubuntu 12.04. Eclipse installed as default editor.


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